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  • How do I know what browser version I am using?

    Whenever you contact SiteSell Support, please provide the operating system (e.g., Windows 10, Mac OS 10.14), the browser (e.g., Safari, Firefox, IE, Chrome, Opera, etc.) and the browser version you are using.

    Are you unsure about the browser "version"? Scroll down to the applicable browser and follow its instructions...


    From the top menu, click on Help > About Internet Explorer. A pop-up window will provide the current version.


    From the top menu, click on Help > About Firefox. A pop-up window will provide the current version.


    Click on the tool icon in the upper right corner > About Google Chrome. A pop-up window will provide the current version.

    - SAFARI

    Click on Safari in the menu bar. Click About Safari and it will show the current version.


  • My pop under page is not showing. OR... My pop under page is popping over instead of under the home page.

    The pop-under page is subject to individual browser behavior, as well as individual visitor's browser settings. Also, if you access the site and the pop-under is shown, it will not be shown again for at least 24 hours. This is to prevent any annoyance for repeat visitors.

    When the page is shown, it may pop up, instead of under, for some visitors. This is due to individual browser behavior and how they handle pop-up/under pages.

    Please note that while we still offer the option for a pop-under page, most visitors today have some sort of pop-up blocker on and will likely not ever see the pop-under page at all.

    You may even have a pop-up blocker on that you are not aware of. Add-on toolbars often have pop-up blockers that are activated by default when they are installed.

    You can test this by holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard while clicking a link to your site. This temporarily disables the pop-up blocker to allow the current pop-up.


  • How do I access Name Park It!? I don't have access to Site Central yet.

    If you have not registered your domain name and built your home page, and do not have access to Site Central yet, you can access Name Park It! (NPI!) by joining the SiteSell Affiliate Program (if you haven't already).

    Step 1) Go to...

    Enter your current SBI! username and password and click on the LOGIN Affiliate Club button. If you have not already joined the SiteSell Affiliate Program, you will be prompted to do so now.

    Don't worry, this does not mean that you must promote SiteSell products, but it will gain access to Name Park It! for now. You may choose to promote SiteSell products at a later date and you'll be all set up to do so!

    Step 2)

    Once you've joined the Affiliate Program, return to the Affiliate Program Home page and select the "Domain Parking" link at the bottom of the page (You'll find it under the Affiliate Program Home > Promo Tools section).

    Once you've purchased your NPI! subscription, return to Name Park It! to register your domain name.

    If you prefer not to be an affiliate, contact Support and we will be happy to assist you...

    For additional details about Name Park It!, see...


  • I just bought Solo Build It! (SBI!). What do I do next?

    Congratulations on your new purchase! You are about to begin building the foundations of your new online business.

    To start preparing your business, the first place you should go to is the Action Guide. This is available in two forms, both located at...

    Video Action Guide and...

    Written Action Guide

    You will be able to start researching your own site by logging in to Brainstorm It! with the username and password given to you in your order confirmation email. The URL for Brainstorm It! is...

    Finally, if you have not already done so, please visit the official SBI! Forums. The Forums are a free "help and be helped" resource where SBIers meet to pick up and share new ideas, provide advice, etc. Visit the Forums at...

    Log into the Forums with your regular user name and password.

    Scroll down to the Brainstorming Forum. This is where you will find helpful tips and resources to get you started.

    Feel free to post your own query under the appropriate category -- some friendly, helpful and experienced SBIer will likely chip in shortly. You will find many knowledgeable and savvy users in the Forums who are willing to help.

    And... if you have a good idea, suggestion, or comment, please return the favor to the Forums -- help someone else out.

    If you have any problems with logging in, Support will be happy to assist. You can contact them through the contact form here...


  • Why are the links in the Video Action Guide not working?

    The security settings of Flash Player, the software used to play the Video Action Guide, may not be permitting external links to be opened. Use these instructions to adjust the settings...

    1. Visit the following page on the Flash website...

    2. On the right-hand side of the page, you will see the Adobe Flash Player Settings Manager. Beside the label, "Always trust files in these locations," click the Edit Locations drop-down menu and select, Add Location.

    3. Click the Browse for folder button and browse to the folder containing the Video Action Guide. If you followed the recommendations during the installation of the Guide, the files will be saved on your Desktop.

    4. Click OK to add this folder to your trusted locations.

    5. Close all your browser windows and then open the Video Action Guide again.

    When you run the Guide from now on, the links should be permitted and open as desired.


  • How do I change my username, password, email address, or other personal information?

    You can easily change your login information, your email address, or other personal information yourself.

    If you are an affiliate...

    Make the required changes on the Account Modifications Page in the SiteSell Affiliate Program as outlined here...

    Please keep in mind that modifying your account information in the SiteSell Affiliate Program will also change your information for any SiteSell products and SBI! subscriptions that you own.

    If you are not an affiliate...

    1. Log in with your username and password...

    2. Next click the My Account/SBI! Renewal link in the top right of the screen.

    3. On the My Account page, make the desired modifications.

    4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter your current password in the field just above the Complete Modifications button. If you are changing your password, make sure to enter your current, not your new, password.

    5. Click the Complete Modifications button to submit and confirm your changes.

    The changes that you make on this page will automatically apply to all SBI! subscriptions and other SBI! products that you own.

    The changes on this page will automatically apply to Name Park It! as well.


  • Where do I find Forum FAQs related to this category?

    SBI! Wish List


  • What's the best way to contact Support?

    SiteSell Support is available to you 24/7/365, with a response turnaround time of 4-6 hours during the day and 12 hours overnight (all times GMT -5).

    Always use the contact form at...

    Or use the chat function available at the bottom of Site Central and several of SBI!'s tool pages.

    Here are some quick tips on how to help Support help you...

    Tip #1
    Include your RR URL or Order # in the contact form whenever possible so that Support can quickly find your information in the SiteSell database.

    Tip #2
    Provide an alternative email address in the body of your help request so that we'll be sure to reach you.

    Tip #3
    Ensure that you type your email address correctly (about 5% of users don't) so that our autoresponder can reach you to acknowledge receipt of your message.

    If you don't get an automated message from SiteSell Support within minutes of your submission, please resend your question.

    Tip #4
    Whitelist so that your ISP won't filter us out...

    Tip #5
    Each response from a Support staff person contains a reference number in the Subject line. Please do not remove this important number if you need to reply to your Support person. Just click on the reply-to button in your email client and everything will stay intact. (Emails without reference numbers are filtered out as spam.)

    We're here to help. The more information we have, the better we can answer your questions and/or resolve your concerns. We want you to succeed.


  • Is there an SBI! suggestion box?

    We would love to hear your idea or suggestion. We set up a special SBI! Wish list forum...

    We monitor this list regularly. It provides us helpful information as we define SBI! development priorities.

    SBI! keeps getting better and better. Feedback from SBIers like you contributes to this positive evolution. Thank you in advance for helping to improve SBI!.

    Friendly Reminder... Please first check to see if your wish has already been posted at the forums...


  • Does Ken do consultations?

    Ken is very busy working on upcoming SBI! features/modules. He is constantly in meetings, closely monitoring development and deadlines.

    Ken would love to give you good, solid advice about your site but it's simply impossible right now. He must focus on bringing the most good to the most people.

    We hate to dampen your enthusiasm due to our inability to provide in-depth analysis. It takes a lot of time to really do a great job at suggesting improvements. Unfortunately, we just do not have that kind of time.

    But we don't want you to be left out there, up a creek without a paddle either! So, here are two excellent options to help you if/when you get stuck...

    1) The Forums!
    THE Place For Friendly, Success-Based Discussions

    This is a great place for people to come to help and be helped. Before you post, please be considerate of the group and review the various threads to see if someone has already covered your particular question. If not, post your question. (Please read guidelines first.)

    Some friendly, helpful and experienced SBIer will likely chip in shortly. You will find many knowledgeable and savvy users in the Forums who are willing to help. And do pay the favor forward. Help someone else out.

    2) SiteSell Professionals

    SiteSell Professionals is where you get personalized one-to-one help in using SBI! to its fullest potential... it's all about Do-It-Yourself but not "do it alone." SiteSell Professionals provide the guidance and instruction you need to get up and running as quickly as possible. SiteSell Professionals know SBI!, use SBI! every day, and can cut your learning time dramatically.

    The SiteSell Professionals Program provides one-to-one help with consulting-type questions that are outside the scope of the internal SiteSell Support team.

    Pressed for time? Hire someone you can trust to build a site for you.

    Some SiteSell Professionals are available to help you build your entire site. For more information on this complete service, please see...


  • What's SiteSell's postal address?

    Our mailing address is...

    SiteSell Inc.
    1000 Saint-Jean Boulevard
    Suite 702
    Pointe-Claire QC
    Canada H9R 5P1