Frequently Asked Questions

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  • When I make a sale, when does the commission pay out?

    • There is a 30 day holding period for all commissions.

    • Each accounting period ends and is settled on the last day of each month.

    • Payments are processed on the 15th of the following month. If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, payments are processed on the next business day.


  • What are the commissions for each SiteSell product?

    Commissions in the New Affiliate Program...

    * SBI! Annual Subscription
    60%, approximately $180

    * SBI! Monthly Subscription
    200%, approximately $60

    * SBI! for WP
    60%, approximately $90


  • Can I receive commission on my own order?

    Affiliates cannot purchase products through their own RR URLs and receive commissions on these personal purchases. Because you are cookied to the Affiliate who had referred you to SiteSell, any and all of your personal purchases (regardless of what RR URL you attempt to use) will be attributed to that cookie (and the Affiliate it belongs to) not yours.

    This fair-minded commission policy was put into place to protect all of our affiliates, including you.


  • How do I change my email address (or any other account information)?

    In order to change your email address, mailing address, username, or password in the affiliate database, you will need to go to the Account Modifications Page of the SiteSell Affiliate Program.

    Step 1) Go to...

    Enter your current username and password and click on the LOGIN Affiliate Club button.

    Step 2) At the top of the Affiliate Program Home page, click the link to "Accounting." On the next page, click the link to Account Modifications. The Account Modifications Page will open.

    Step 3) On the Account Modifications Page, make the necessary changes to your account information.

    Step 4) Scroll down to the bottom of the page. For security reasons, you must enter your password once more in the field just above the Complete Modifications button. (If you are changing your password, you must enter the current (not the new) password. Then click the Complete Modifications button to complete your modifications.

    Please note: This will also automatically change your information in our customer database, if you own any SiteSell products.