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  • Why am I not getting much traffic? (Or, How do I get more traffic?)...

    This checklist in the Traffic section of the Tips and Techniques HQ is the best place to start...

    You'll also find lots of great tips and information from other SBIers in the Building Traffic Forum...


  • Why does the third-party service I am using to monitor my visitors report lower numbers than the SBI! Traffic Stats?

    The SBI! TrafficCenter counts all visitors. This includes human users who have Javascript turned off in their browser as well as robots and spiders visiting your site.

    Please note, as well, that some security options may prevent third-party traffic counter scripts from executing correctly, which is another potential cause for their data not being the same as what is found in your TrafficCenter.

    If you are comparing the SBI! Traffic Stats to a specific traffic counter, please note that SiteSell Support is not familiar with third-party applications. Our expertise is SBI!.

    We highly recommend that you visit the SBI! Forums to talk with other experienced webmasters using your particular tool...

    The Using and Interpreting Reports and Stats forum will likely be appropriate...

    You will find many knowledgeable and savvy users in the forums that are willing to help. If you have a good idea, suggestion, or comment, please return the favor to the forums... help out someone else.


  • Why is the "average of visitors per day" that I calculate myself higher than the average given in the traffic stats?

    When you calculate the average number of visitors per day by adding up the number of visitors for each day and then dividing by the number of days, the result will differ from the average number that is shown in the traffic stats.

    This is best explained by using a hypothetical example that keeps the math simple...

    Let's assume that you have only 30 people who visit your site. But these fans really like your site, so they visit it daily.

    This will show up as 30 people for each day of the month.

    When you calculate the average at the end of the month though, only 30 "unique visitors" visited your site during the entire month, even though each one of them visited your site 30 times. The total number of visitors that is reported at the top of the traffic stats page will therefore be 30.

    Divide the total number of visitors for the month (i.e., 30) by 30 days, and the result is that an average of 1 visitor per day visited your site. In this extreme case, you will therefore have an average that is lower than the number of visitors on any given day of the month. This may seem like a paradox at first sight.

    Obviously, a real site has a mix of new (or unique) and returning visitors. If you want to gauge the overall success of your site, it's best to focus your attention on "visits," rather than "visitors." Visits include new visitors (great) and return visitors as well (even better).


  • I deleted a page from my site. Why is it still showing in my Traffic Stats?

    The page listings in your SBI! Traffic Stats (Total Pages, Total Entry Pages, Total Exit Pages) always show the total number of visits or page views for the current month.

    If the page you deleted already received traffic in the current month, the past visits and page views for that page will still be displayed in the Traffic Stats. However, because you deleted the page, the numbers will no longer increase for the remainder of this month.

    Next month, the deleted page will no longer show in your Traffic Stats because the traffic to the page will then be zero for the entire month.


  • Where do I find Forum FAQs related to this category?

    Please visit the following location...

    Reports & Stats

    Building Traffic


  • Why are my stats off in terms of visits vs. visitors?

    Among other stats, the Traffic HQ reports the average number of visits, visitors, and pages viewed per day, as well as the totals for the month. Here's what those three terms mean...

    1. Visits -- the number of visits to your site

    2. Visitors -- the number of unique people who visit your site (ex., a visitor could account for 10 visits in a month)

    3. Pages -- the number of pages viewed by all the visitors during all the visits

    Why are your stats off in terms of visits vs. visitors? This is best explained by use of a hypothetical example. Let's say for your site,, you only get 1 visitor a day, which happens to be your own visit.

    Now it's the end of the month. You go into the Traffic HQ and check the stats for You see 1 visitor for each day. If you load the stats into a spreadsheet to verify the results, it tells you your average number of visitors for the month is 1. (31 divided by 31 is 1.)

    But when you check the monthly stats, it says the average is only 0.03. And it says the total number of unique visitors is 1. You think what the heck is up with that? But then you realize that your IP remained the same all month.

    So... while there is 1 visitor each day, there is really only a single unique visitor for the month. Your calculations confirm that 1 divided by 31 is 0.0322581.

    If you would like further clarification, please contact Support. A staff member would be happy to assist you.


  • Can I opt-out of the tracking script?

    SBI! tracks which links on your site are clicked upon by your visitors and which page visitors were on when they clicked that link. You can opt-out of this tracking script at any time.

    A good example of a need to do this is with some link exchange partners.

    For how-to details, see...