Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why do I receive a "Fatal Error" when submitting my invitation?

    The "fatal error" is caused by completing an invitation form before it has been fully set up. For the invitation to work correctly, all settings (Thank You Page, AutoConfirm E-mail, Submission Notification) must be set up. You will still be able to insert the invitation on pages before the setup is completed, but it will not be functional.

    To verify the setup of your invitation, please follow these steps...

    1) Log into Site Central with your usual login and click the Content 2.0 Library link in the SBI! SiteBuilder - Libraries Section.

    2) Find your invitation in the list and verify the following...

    - If you see "Visitor Thank You Page has not been customized," click the Edit link beside it to customize your Thank You Page and follow the instructions on the next screen.

    - If you see "Visitor AutoConfirm E-mail has not been customized," click the Edit link beside it to set up the AutoConfirm E-mail.

    - If you see "Submission Notification E-mail prefs have not been set," click the Edit link beside it to set your Notification Preferences.

    3) After you have completed these steps, your invitation will work correctly. Submissions made previously are still stored and can now be managed by clicking the Manage Existing Submissions/Comments button for the invitation.


  • Do visitors' comments need to be approved before they are published?

    Unlike new submissions, comments can be published immediately without requiring approval, because..

    1) Comments are short...

    The text is usually minimal (up to 800 characters, although they can be a maximum of 10,000 characters).

    2) Comments usually don't require editing...

    The vast majority of comments can be published the way they are. Comments reinforce the perception that these are real contributions by real visitors.

    3) You are protected against comment spam...

    The Captcha Graphic makes sure only humans can submit a comment. In addition, Content 2.0 automatically removes all HTML code, including links, making your pages an unfriendly target for comment spammers.

    4) You can delete and edit comments after the fact...

    If you do encounter comments that you wish to remove or edit, you can easily do so in your Content 2.0 Library. Any visitor who abuses your comment system can be banned from future submissions with the click of your mouse.

    While you want to maintain control over all Content 2.0 submissions and comments, it is important to stay on the right side of the 80-20 rule. A successful Content 2.0 site can attract many comments and the vast majority are immediately suitable for publication. Approving every single comment would add a lot of work for little benefit.

    If you wish to keep very close control over all comments, you can simply choose the notification options for your invitation to send a notification for all submissions and comments posted. Here's how...

    1) On the main Content 2.0 page, click the Edit link beside "Submission Notification E-mail prefs" for the invitation that you wish to monitor.

    2) From the drop-down menu, select the second option, "AND when comments are left about that contribution."

    3) Click the Set Notification button at the bottom of the screen.

    You will now receive email notifications of all submissions and comments so that you can quickly edit or delete any comment that you deem unsuitable.


  • Why can't I (or my visitors) see the logo in the AutoConfirm E-mail?

    The AutoConfirm E-mail offers the option of adding your own logo to give it a more personalized feel and to brand your email confirmations with the Look & Feel of your site or other design elements.

    However, not all email software is set up to display images embedded in emails. Users may choose to display all email in plain text format. And the default setting for some email software is to not display images.

    As those settings are not under our control (or yours), please follow these recommendations...

    1) Use the logo as a design element. Include important information as text. For example, instead of using the logo as a Thank You for your visitor, add a Thank You in plain text below as well.

    2) Rely on words, not on images. As an SBI! member, you know that words count. As in all emails and on your site, use images to support your words, rather than a replacement for words.

    A Final Caveat

    The AutoConfirm E-mail is different from the confirmation email that is sent right after visitors make a submission and ask to be notified of future submissions and/or comments. If visitors select notification options, they will receive a double opt-in confirmation email with a confirmation link. That email is not customizable and it does not contain your logo.