Frequently Asked Questions

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  • I have set up RSS It! for my account. How can I remove it?

    Please follow these steps...

    1. Click the RSS/Blog It! button in the BusinessCenter category of Site Central.

    2. Deselect the "Do you want to Site-Blog?" option.

    3. Click the RSS/BlogIt! button at the bottom of the page

    Please note...

    It will take 15-30 minutes for all your pages to be updated and for the navigation button or menu item for your Blog It! page and/or the RSS subscription box to be removed.

    If you are using the What's New Box, remember to remove it from all your pages, or from the Sitewide Dot.


  • Why is My Yahoo! not updating my RSS feed?

    When a user adds your feed to their My Yahoo! account, the information is not retrieved directly from your RSS feed. Instead, a cached version of the feed is displayed.

    Yahoo! will update the cache according to its own schedule. How often it is updated is unfortunately out of our control, and yours, too.

    The RSS feed on your site is updated instantly. Subscribers using RSS reader software, rather than My Yahoo!, will see the update the next time their RSS reader updates the feed. The frequency with which their software checks for updates is user-defined, but it is typically updated at least once per day (or even once per hour) for most RSS reader software.

    Generally, the more users you have who are adding your feed to their My Yahoo! account, the more often Yahoo! will update the cache of your feed.

    The best approach is to keep building content and promote your RSS feed. As your subscriber base grows, the updates will become more frequent.


  • How can I promote my RSS feed?

    There are many ways to promote your feed. We highly recommend that you first review the marketing section of this TNT HQ article, if you haven't done so already...

    Here are some suggestions about how you could let folks know about your RSS feed and more importantly, how to subscribe to it!...

    1. Include your RSS feed link in your email sig file. Simple but effective!

    2. Make it easy for your site visitors to subscribe to your RSS feed, while at the same time encouraging them to do so. You could...

      1. Add the What's New box to all your pages for maximum visibility.

      2. On your newsletter subscription page, sell your RSS feed subscription, too! Point out to visitors that they can keep abreast of new information on your site without receiving more email.

      3. In your regularly scheduled newsletter, add a gentle reminder about your RSS feed and its value.

    Hopefully, these few ideas will spark more ideas. Be creative with your promotional efforts.


  • Why am I getting a parsing error message when I add my RSS feed to my RSS reader or view it in my browser?

    The most likely cause for this error message is added HTML code in a Special Insert item (a bloglet). RSS readers will only accept plain text and no added HTML code or formatting for Special Inserts. The solution for this situation is easy...

    1. Click on the RSS/Blog It! link in Site Central.

    2. If you had previously added HTML code in a Special Insert item, edit that item.

    Problem solved. You are on your way!

    If, on the other hand, you didn't add HTML code to your Special Insert items, your situation requires assistance from our Support team.

    Please use the contact form at...

    Include your domain name, as well as the full URL of your RSS file. Thank you in advance for this helpful information.