Brainstorm It! Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How much are additional Search Credits? How can I order more credits?

    Search is a third-party service that has long been recommended. They maintain a database of 300+ million searches from major meta search engines such as DogPile. Brainstorm It! integrates the Search data into BI! and allows accessing it on a per-query basis.

    Each order includes 25 free Search queries per year.

    Don't hesitate to go beyond that. Since we pay Search to provide this service, it can't be free. But it is cheap...

    • $20 for a Search Package of 100 queries

    • $50 for Search 500 Query Package (a dime per query).

    When you do a Vertical Brainstorm It! search (Select Function and Resource), you will see the number of credits remaining in your account and a link to "purchase more credits" in the right hand gray column.

    For more detailed information about Brainstorm It!, please consult the Brainstorm It! Online Help here...


  • Why do I receive an error message when I try to add a keyword combination of more than five words to my MKL?

    The maximum number of words that any keyword combination in your Master Keyword List may contain is five. Here's why...

    Most searches entered in the search engines by Internet users are a combination of two or three words. Keyword combinations of four words typically don't have very high demand, and combinations of five words rarely have a search volume that is worth targeting. The search volume for any combinations with more than five words is too low to warrant a page to target the search phrase.

    The 5-keyword limit optimizes the performance of Brainstorm It!. However, it still permits you to add keyword combinations with reasonable demand to the Master Keyword List. The best of both worlds!

    Please keep in mind that, even if you are not specifically targeting a long keyword combination, your pages may still rank for a number of longer phrases, each with a very low search volume (the so-called "long tail").

    For additional information about keyword analysis and the long tail of marketing, see this TNT article...


  • Where do I find Forum FAQs related to this category?

    Please visit the following locations...

    Using Brainstormer & Finding Your Niche

    Your Master Keyword List

    The Right Niche for You


  • What is a good Demand/Supply/Profitability number?

    Try not to get stuck on the actual numbers of DEMAND, SUPPLY and PROFITABILITY. Make your brain the ultimate judge.

    The #1 benefit of the Brainstormer is the sheer number and relevance of keywords that it brings back. But...

    The SUPPLY and DEMAND numbers are still merely gross guidelines that point out some interesting big pictures. SUPPLY and DEMAND come from a wide variety of resources, which can be quirky at times.

    And PROFITABILITY is calculated from SUPPLY and DEMAND, so if one resource has one weird number for either of those, the resulting PROFITABILITY will be wacky. So, at all times, you must be the one who puts it all together, conceptually, and makes the final call.

    At this point in your 10-DAY process, review the following resources...

    1. DAY 2 to DAY 5 of the Action Guide

    2. The Brainstorming category of the Tips and Techniques HQ (log in with your regular username and password) at...

    3. Interpreting Keyword Data at the Forums...

    No single keyword, no matter how profitable it may calculate out to be, makes or breaks a business. The overall quantity and quality of all your pages, which address a wide variety of all the keywords, are what make your business snowball, growing faster and faster.

    Quick Tip... Use Search It! to complement your research efforts, if you have the time...

    Select Brainstorming as your Search Category (STEP1). Then review all Search Types (STEP 2).


  • Can I transfer my Search credits between my Solo Build It! (SBI!) sites?

    While it's not possible to transfer your Search credits (the labor cost to do so is more than the cost of the queries), please do not be afraid to use them.

    Search queries only cost about 10 to 20 cents each. For pennies per query, your Return on Investment is thousands-fold!

    If you have multiple sites, they all deserve the same amount of attention to detail when it comes to keyword research.

    Skimping on research for one site, while doing excessive research for another, will result in you doing yourself (and your business) a disservice.

    The key is to maximize your use of the Search tool before and after you select your niche (or niches, if you have more than one SBI! subscription).


  • Is there a way to print out Brainstorm It! Master Keyword List results?

    You can export your keywords to a special kind of text file called a CSV file. Then open that file with any text editor and print it.

    Or, if you prefer, you can import that file into any spreadsheet or database software. The CSV file contains the keywords and all related data, ready for you to manipulate and analyze.

    For more details, please go the Master Keyword List page. Scroll to the bottom and click on the question mark button next to the three types of Export links.


  • How do I save the Master Keyword List?

    You don't see a "Save" button because Brainstorm It! automatically saves your data in the SiteSell database.

    If you need to take a break in the middle of making your Master Keyword List or during a Brainstorm, simply close your browser. The next time you log in to Brainstorm It!...

    ... select the domain name (or Order #) you were previously working on from the drop-down menu. Your data will be right there for you to use or improve upon.