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  • I am not able to log in using the login information provided. My username and password do not work.

    The login information in your order confirmation applies to Site Central, Brainstorm It!, the Forums, your SiteSell Affiliate Account (if applicable), and other password-protected pages. Please take note of the following information...

    1. The username and password are case-sensitive. Please enter them exactly as shown in your order confirmation.

    2. Take care not to enter any spaces before or after the username or password. This can happen easily when copying the login information from an email.

    Tip: If you want to be sure you are not picking up any spaces with the password (it's hard to tell, since the password field is encrypted), paste the password into the username field first. Remove any extra spaces, if necessary. Then, cut and paste the password from the username field to the password field.

    If you are sure you are not entering any extra spaces, it could be that your browser is reverting to lower case or an incorrectly saved password. In this case, please delete saved passwords for this URL. To do this...

    In Firefox on a PC...

    Go to Tools > Options > Security > click the Save Passwords button > Highlight and click Remove for the login URL or click Remove All.

    In Firefox on a Mac...

    Go to Firefox > Preferences > Security > Saved Passwords > click on the item you want to delete > click Remove.

    In Internet Explorer...

    Go to Tools > Internet Options > under Browsing History, click Delete > Check the Password box > remove any checks for items you don't want to delete > click Delete.

    In Safari...

    Go to Safari > Preferences > AutoFill > for User names and passwords, click Edit > click on the item you want to delete > click Remove.

    In Chrome on a PC...

    Click on the wrench icon in the tools menu > Options > Personal Stuff > Manage Saved Passwords > click on the item you want to view or delete > click Show to view the password, or click on the X to remove.

    In Chrome on a Mac...

    Go to Chrome > Preferences > Personal Stuff > Passwords > Manage Saved Passwords > click on the the item you want to view or delete > click Show to view the password, or click on the X to remove.

    In Chrome on Chrome OS...

    Click on the wrench icon in the tools menu > Settings > Personal Stuff > Manage Saved Passwords > click on the item you want to view or delete > click Show to view the password, or click on the X to remove.

    If you are sure you are entering the login correctly, have deleted saved passwords in your browser, and you continue to be unable to login, please contact support...

    Please mention what area of SiteSell you are trying to log into. If you are receiving an error message, please note what it says in your support request.


  • Where do I find Forum FAQs related to this category?

    Please visit the following locations...

    SBI! Wish List

    Build the BUZZ


  • How do I add a PayPal shopping cart?

    PayPal is an easy, intro-level way to introduce a shopping cart on your site.

    Step-by-step information is available at...

    If you require further clarification or assistance, please contact our Support team using the form at...


  • I have an SBI! site. When I click on the "LOGIN SBI!" button at the Club, I am told that I am not a registered user. What is happening?

    Once you have registered a domain name (in DAY 5), you will then have access to SBI!'s Site Central and all the SiteBuilder functionality.

    Ken wants you to follow the proven Content-Traffic-PREsell-Monetize process carefully. Super-successful SBIers all say the same thing... "I did it by following the Action Guide, adding my own BAM (Brain-Attitude-Motivation)!"

    This is not a race. C-T-P-M works. It is not "Get a Site Up in Minutes." It is not "Get Rich Quick." The most important decisions in any business are made early in the process. So take your time and get it right.

    The SBI! Forums are an excellent resource to use freely. Helpful SBIers share their experience and tips. Visit them as often as you can...


  • How do I transfer ownership of an SBI! order?

    Each SBI! subscription you buy is linked to your original account. When you log into SBI!, it will ask you to select which domain name (or order number, if you have no sites yet) you wish to use from a drop-down menu.

    It's a good idea that clients using your webmastering services have their accounts in their own names (with their own unique login usernames and passwords) and not be listed in yours.

    If this is not your situation, you can transfer ownership of a particular order to a client by following the process below...

    Log into Site Central for that order. In the upper right corner of the page, click on My Account/SBI! Renewal link. At that location, click on the Change Ownership of Your Site link in the upper right corner.

    Fill in all of the information of the new owner (transferee). Please choose the appropriate form...

    Form #1) If the transferee is already a SiteSell Affiliate, or is already an SBI! owner, use the streamlined Change Ownership to SiteSell Affiliate or SBI! Owner form. We will pre-fill all of their information from our database.

    Form #2) If the transferee is not a SiteSell Affiliate or SBI! owner, please fill in all of the contact information in the Change Ownership to Non-Affiliate, Non-Owner form.

    Then click on the Transfer This SBI! Website button.

    That's it! If you have any questions or require further assistance, please contact Support at...


  • Do I need to have a back-up copy of my site?

    Every SBI! site is backed up to the nth degree. In the unlikely event of a total crash and data loss, we keep multiple copies for each of 7 days, 1, 2, and 3 weeks, and 1 month ago.

    There is no need for you to keep backups. There is no need for you to keep backups. The orst case might require that you re-do today's work.


  • Where do I check my SBI! subscription expiry date?

    You can verify your expiry date anytime. It's in your My Account area of SBI!. Click on the text link in the upper right corner of Site Central.

    If you don't have a domain name yet, copy-and-paste your order number to replace the <> part of this URL...<>

    One month prior to the expiry date of your annual SBI! subscription, you will receive your first renewal notice. There will be a few more notices prior to the due date.

    However, you don't need to wait until that date. An early renewal is easy to do. Instructions are available here...

    Please note...

    If you were unable to renew your SBI! subscription before/on its due date, don't worry. You can still reactivate your site. Please go to the following URL...

    ...and enter your domain name. Then follow the instructions.

    All your former site pages will be viewable on the Web 24 hours after reactivation (once the DNS refreshes).

    One important caveat... the longer your site is down, the more pages the search engines will drop. And it takes time to rebuild momentum.

    So if you plan on reactivating, please do it as soon as possible.