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  • My link is broken and I don't know why. I think I have entered it correctly, but it produces an error when clicking on it.

    Links must include the complete URL, like this...

    In this case, "" is the site's domain name and "filename" is the name of the file. Note: The filename extension is case sensitive and cannot include any spaces.

    Please go to your Link Library from Site Central and correct the URLs for the links by clicking on the Modify button next to the link you want to correct. Be sure to save the changes.

    Then, visit the page(s) where these links are located and select the link again from the link picker. Be sure to click the Build button to save changes to the page.


  • I copied and pasted Form ID Tag into a Text Block. Why is my form not working?

    The Form ID Tag for forms, which you access in the Upload Your Own HTML module, is intended to be used for uploaded pages only. During the upload process, certain changes are made to the form code in order to integrate the form properly on your page.

    With BlockBuilder, you need to drag the "FBI! Form" Block to the place on your page where you want to add the form. Then select the form that you want to add from the FBI! Form list that presents...

    1. In Site Central, select the page you need to edit.

    2. Scroll down to the Raw HTML Block that currently contains the Form ID Tag for the form and delete the block.

    3. Drag and drop the FBI! Form Block to the location on the page where you want the form to show in your page content. In the "Select Form" overlay that presents, click on the preferred form to highlight it. Click the "Add Selected FBI! Form to Page." Your form is now added to the page!

    4. Preview the page. If you are done editing this page, save your changes.

    SBI! will rebuild your page. Your form should now work properly.


  • I am using a supported image type. Why is the Image Library telling me that the image type is not supported?

    In order for you to add images, the following image formats and extensions are supported by the Image Library...


    The Image Library requires graphics to be named exactly as listed in the help. Image file names are case-sensitive, and all file extensions must be in lowercase.

    For example, a .jpg image must have the extension...


    ... rather than .JPEG, .jpeg, .JPG, or any other variation.

    You will need to change the file name or the extension. Once it's saved, return to the Image Library module and follow the uploading instructions.


  • Why is my autoresponder only sending the first installment of the series?

    In order to get the remaining articles in the series, you (or your intended reader) will need to click on the double opt-in confirmation URL that appears in the initial email message sent after signing up for your autoresponder.

    Clicking the URL contained in that message indicates that...

    1. You requested the autoresponder series.

    2. You want to receive the remaining emails in that series.


  • I modified my form in the Form Build It! Library. Why didn't it update on my pages?

    When you make changes to a form in the Form Build It! Library (e.g., add, remove, or rename fields), the Form is not changed automatically on your BlockBuilder pages. You need to manually rebuild those pages.

    Here's how...

    Step 1) Select the page you need to edit.

    Step 2) If you didn't change the name of your Form, you can skip Steps 2 and 3. If you did, go to the Form Block on the page and delete it.

    Step 3) Drag and drop a new FBI! Form Block where you want the form to show on the page and select the form with the new name.

    Step 4) Press the Preview button to double-check the page and the form.

    Step 5) If you are satisfied with the preview, build the page. It will now be rebuilt with the updated form.

    Repeat steps 1) to 5) for each page that uses the form.

    Please note...

    Changes that affect the processing of the form on the server don't require you to rebuild affected pages.

    Examples of such changes are...

    • changes to the Notification E-mail or Notification E-mail addresses or...

    • adding or removing an autoresponder or making changes to the text of an autoresponder

    • changes to the Thank You page.


  • Why is the Reply address on my form my SBI! domain name, rather than the email address my visitor entered?

    Form Build It! sends out a Notification E-mail from your domain name on our server after your visitor submits a form.

    Technically, we could have made the visitor's email address the Reply-to address for the Notification E-mail. However, we chose not to do so for a specific reason.

    Here's why...

    If the email address from the Form submission was the Reply-to address for the Notification E-Mail, the Reply-to address would not match the actual origin of the Notification E-mail (i.e., your SBI! domain name).

    This would be a red flag for many spam filters because spammers commonly forge the Reply-to address to hide their identity. It would greatly increase the risk of your Notification E-mails mistakenly being filtered out as spam.

    However, if you need to reply to a submitted form, simply click Reply and the sender's email address is added, rather than your Notification E-mail address.


  • I have created a form in the Form Build It! Library. How do I link to it?

    After you create a form in the Form Build It! Library, you will first have to create a page that includes the form before you can link to it. Just follow these steps and you'll be off and running...

    Step 1) Build a new page or edit an existing one. Enter the Page Information (Page Name, Keywords, etc.) as usual when creating a new page.

    Step 2) Use Headline and Text Blocks to enter any text that you want to appear on your page before the form.

    Step 3) Drag and drop an FBI! Form Block to the location on the page where you want the form to show. Select the preferred form from the FBI! Form list that presents. Click the "Add Selected FBI! Form to Page" button.

    Step 4) Preview your page. If you are satisfied, build the page.

    Now that you have created a page that includes your form, you can use the Text Block's Link tool to link to the URL of that new page from any of your other pages.

    If you are unsure about how to do this, consult this help...


  • Why am I not receiving form submissions by email?

    Form Build It! will automatically let you know about new form submissions. However, you first need to turn on the form's Notification E-mail functionality. To do so, follow these easy steps...

    Step 1) Go to the Libraries section of Site Central. Click on the Form Build It! Library link.

    Step 2) Scroll down to the form for which you wish to set up the Notification E-mail.

    Step 3) In the No Notification E-mail is sent after a user submits this Form section, click the Add link.

    Step 4) Enter the email address where you would like the notification to be sent. You can also enter up to 2 other addresses where you want a cc of the submission to be sent.

    Step 5) Preview the Notification E-mail, if you wish, or click the Build It! button directly.

    Future form submissions will now be sent to you by email at the address you specified. There is no need to rebuild the pages that include your form.

    Please note...

    Even if no Notification E-mail is set up, the form data is still stored on our server. Submissions made before you established the Notification E-mail are not lost.

    To access your form data...

    Step 1) In Site Central, scroll down to the BusinessCenter section and click the Get Form Data link.

    Step 2) Select the form for which you wish to retrieve the data from the drop-down menu. You can select either the Date Range or leave it at the default setting in order to get all Form Data.

    Step 3) Click one of the buttons, Get Results Graph or Get Results Table, to display the form data as a graph or table, respectively.

    If you have set up a Notification E-mail, but you are not receiving the form submissions, please contact Support at...

    Please include the name you gave your form in the Form Build It! Library, as well as the full URL of the page where your form is published online.

    Thank you in advance for including that helpful information.


  • Where do I find Forum FAQs related to this category?

    Please visit the following locations...

    Form Build It!

    Graphics & Images


  • Why do my links get a CGI wrap error?

    Please carefully investigate your links in the Link Library. The links probably have added code.

    If you wish to use a specific link as is (i.e, with the added code), your only option would be to place the link directly in a Raw HTML Block on the page where you wish the link to appear.

    If you wish to use the link in a Text Block or Image Block, you will need to remove all added code and enter just the URL information.

    Remove all added code from any link in the Link Library and you should be fine.

    Not sure what part of the added code to strip?

    Copy and paste the link information into a Word document or an HTML-formatted email. When you do that, the link information should appear in blue text while the added code will appear as black text.

    Please keep in mind that the only way you will be able to receive traffic data on your links is if they appear in the Text Block or the Image Block. If you simply place them (as is) in a Raw HTML Block, the link will function but you will not have any tracking data in our system.

    If your affiliate program states you must leave the link as is for you to get the proper credit for the click and linking, you have three choices...

    1. Place the link in a Raw HTML Block and not track in our system.

    2. Build your pages in HTML, upload them and use the link as is. SBI! will add its own tracking code to the link on an uploaded page.

    3. Consult your affiliate program and ask that they provide you with a tracker link that contains only URL information if possible. Then you can use it in a text link or graphic link.


  • I want to add forms on my website. How do I do this?

    Although the ways you can use forms on your site are limitless, usage tends to fall into one of four categories...

    1. The Contact Us Form...

    2. The Single/Sequential Email Autoresponder Form

    3. The Visitor Survey or Poll Form

    4. The Finder/Referrer Form

    The form itself, of course, is just the front-end... the data-gatherer. So think of Form Build It! as the module that creates the entire process... from data-gathering to responding (via web page, autoresponder, notifications). Form Build It! even includes an analysis of data collected. The combined operations make Form Build It! extremely flexible and powerful.

    On top of that... you can always return to edit, modify, activate, or de-activate any of the functionalities. Nothing is set in stone so don't worry about changing your mind about something later on.

    For a quick overview of Form Build It!, see this help...

    We also recommend that you review this article in the Tips and Techniques HQ where SBIers share how they successfully use forms to build their business...


  • How can I upload a graphic to my Image Library?

    There are two ways for you to manage your Image Library...

    Upload all the ones that you anticipate using in your site right away, via the Library. Later, when you build a page and choose to add a graphic using your Image Block, you'll see the whole list (by name -- so create memorable names) for you to select.

    Or, if you're in the middle of building a page, you'll also have the ability to upload a single needed graphic, right at that moment.

    To add a graphic to your Image Library, browse to it on your computer (.gif, .jpg and .png). Name it and then click on the Upload Image(s) button.

    Please note: For optimal results, all letters in the file name and in the file extension that you upload should be lowercase. Please also check to see that there are no spaces in the file names.


  • Why is there added code in my links?

    SBI! adds specific coding to links you create through BlockBuilder's Text Block and Image Block or through your HTML editor. The purpose of this code is to track click-throughs. It does not affect your link's usability nor does it bother the search engines. As a result, your page will not be penalized due to the code that SBI! adds.

    Quick tip...

    If you choose to bypass the tracking functionality for a specific link, place the URL information directly in a Raw HTML Block where you wish the link to appear on the page. The link will work, but it will not generate traffic stats for you in the Traffic HQ.


  • Where do I find help to create a sequential autoresponder?

    See the overview at...

    Form-building itself takes place in the Form Build It! Library in Site Central.