Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Will my affiliate RR URL link change?

    Your affiliate RR URL links will remain the same. Whether you choose to be grandfathered to the Legacy Program, transition to the New Program or move immediately to the New Program, you will retain your existing affiliate RR URL link.


  • How do I change my RR URL?

    In order to change your RR URL (your unique tracking URL that ensures your referrals are credited to you), you will need to go to the Account Modifications Page of the SiteSell Affiliate Program.

    Step 1) Go to...

    Enter your username and password and click on the LOGIN Affiliate button.

    Step 2) Click the "Account Modifications" link in the Bottom Navigation.

    Step 3) On the Account Modifications Page, you can enter your new RR URL beside the "Name Your Unique RR URL" field. Do not enter .html at the end. Our system will add that automatically.

    Step 4) Scroll down to the bottom of the page. For security reasons, you must enter your password once more in the field just above the Complete Modifications button. Then click the Complete Modifications button to complete your modifications.

    Step 5) A confirmation screen will be displayed with your modifications. Please verify that the modifications are correct.

    Please note:

    1. If you select an RR URL that is already taken, a number will be appended to the RR URL.

    2. Changing your RR URL will have no effect on cookies already written to your visitor's browser. Cookies are based on a unique account identifier that never changes. In other words, if a visitor clicked your old RR URL, you will still get credit for future visits even after you change your RR URL.

    Do make sure, however, to adjust any links to your old RR URL that you may have. After you change your RR URL, those links will no longer function.


  • Can I promote SiteSell products on my site?

    Yes, you can recommend SiteSell products on your site, blog, social media and elsewhere as you see fit and where affiliate links are allowed.


  • Where can I find the most recent SiteSell Affiliate Report?

    The back issues of the Affiliate Reports are found at the SiteSell Affiliate Account.

    Please login using your username and password combination...

    Click on the LOGIN Affiliate Club button.

    Then scroll down to the Get The Latest News and Announcements section and click the SiteSell Affiliate Report link. Then choose the issue you would like to review.


  • How come I can't see my RR URL redirecting?

    Different browsers behave differently.On some, you can catch a quick glance of the redirect. On others, you won't see it happening.

    The key is to enter your RR URL correctly. Let's say that you want to send your visitor to the SBI! main sales site...

    Your RR URL would be...

    Next, log into the SiteSell Affiliate Club...

    Click on the LOGIN Affiliate Club button.

    On the top menu select Accounting. Then click the link to Accounting Home. Check out your Visitor Stats and make note of them.

    Now get a few friends to test your RR URL. After they do, check again at the Club to make sure that your Visitor Stats increase correctly.


  • Does SiteSell have a site map?

    SiteSell has a comprehensive site map. Bookmark it for quick and easy access...

    This little page will give you the big picture :-)

    If you're a SiteSell affiliate then use the site map in conjunction with your personal SITESELL PROMOTION CENTER to build your promotional campaigns. The Center conveniently presents all your key RR URLS in one place for one-stop assistance.

    The SITESELL PROMOTION CENTER is located in the SiteSell Affiliate Club. Login with your username and password...

    Click on the LOGIN Affiliate Club button. Please click the Promo Tools link in the top menu. Click on the link to Alphabetical List of All RR URLS to access your affiliate links. All your RR URLS at your fingertips!

    Please keep in mind that the SiteSell Promotion Center will always be your most up-to-date RR URL source of information.


  • How do I purchase Solo Build It! (SBI!) for my friends/relatives/colleagues/clients?

    Many SiteSell affiliates are using the Remote Order Entry Program. Some use it to help friends and relatives, even colleagues at work -- what better favor could you do for someone you know than to start him/her off on the right foot?

    Others use it at seminars, conventions, etc. Some even hold their own local Chamber of Commerce or Village Business Association seminars. There are tons of ways to reach small business people offline.

    The local gym has turned out to be another excellent venue (ex., to reach the stay-at-home spouse who could be starting a successful business from home).

    No doubt about it! The Remote Order Entry Program is invaluable for offline sales...

    A reminder...

    There are two ways you can place orders for offline friends, colleagues, conventioneers (etc.), and receive commissions...

    1. YOU place the order through YOUR Remote Order Entry Page for the person that you reached through the offline methods that are outlined in the Remote Order Entry Program.

    2. Your friend places the order through his/her OWN computer by first passing through your RR URL and then ordering.

    The first is far more elegant, of course. But either way, do not mix up the above two. By that, I mean...

    YOU should never use your computer to "simulate" that you are your customer, pass through your RR URL, and then place the order through the usual Order Page. The database will think (rightly) that YOU are ordering and will credit the commission to your Team Leader.


    Use your Remote Order Entry Page...

    Log into the Affiliate Club...

    Scroll down to the bottom under the Tutorials list and click the Remote Order Page link. Then take the order.

    This is terrific for taking "one-off" orders from friends at home, colleagues at work, or from groups at a presentation anywhere. You get credit for the sales since we know it's you by your login.

    It's great to have you as a partner in sales!